I’m writing one piece of original flash fiction (1000 words or fewer, in 48 hours or less) per week. I decided to do this after participating in the NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge 2016, and doing better than I expected–and really enjoying myself along the way.

The NYC Midnight FFC prompts come in the form of a required genre/ setting/ object. The object only has to appear; it could be critical, or unimportant. I borrowed the 60 prompts from their first round, and I’ll generate a random number every week to tell me which one to write for.

I’m here to enjoy cobbling stories together, and to get comfortable with new genres. It’s also fun to get the instant gratification of writing something complete, while I slog along on other projects. Sometimes, hopefully not frequently, I’ll probably post a story that’s bad, because I ran out of time or didn’t prioritize the way I should have. I’m promising to post whatever I would have had to submit to the competition when my 48 hours are up.

Constructive criticism (or unabashed praise) is very welcome.